AutoCAD Civil 3D


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Understanding the AutoCAD Civil 3D Environment • The Prospector & Settings Tabs. • The Ribbon and Application menu. • Object and Label Styles. • Modify Drawing Settings, Viewport Scaling, and Text Size. • Using Templates and Parameters. • Import and Export Format. • Create Points. • Points operations. • Manage Points. • Use Grips to Control Graphical Point Display. • Create a Point Table. • Types of Surface Creation. • Modify the Surface Properties. • Edit a Surface. • Assign a Contour Style and Apply Surface Labels. • Create a Horizontal Alignment Using the Alignment Layout Tools. • Alignment Offsets and Widening. • Edit and Annotate Alignments. • Create a Profile Using an Existing Terrain Surface. • Create a Design Profile Using Layout Tools. • Edit Profile Geometry. • Use Labels and Label Styles for Profiles and Profile Views. • Working with the Plan Production Tools – Overview. • Creating View Frames. • Creating Plan Production Sheets. • Create an Assembly and Modify Assembly Properties. • Create a Simple Corridor. • Modify the Corridor Properties. • Create a Corridor Surface. • Create and edit sample lines. • Modify the sample line group properties and add additional section data. • Create section views from sample lines. • Edit section views Style. • Create multiple section views. • Intersection Wizard. • Dynamic Offset Alignments and Profiles. • Dynamic Curb Return Alignments and Profiles. • Add to an existing Corridor.