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Session 1 Introduction about 3ds max, Project work flow (Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Rendering, Compositing) User interface - Command Panel, Main Toolbar, Customizing Viewport, View port controls. Explain about different Output file formats. (JPEG, GIFF, TIFF, AVI, BMP, TGA.) Session 2 Creating, Modifying & Transforming standard primitives-All. Naming the object. Extended primitives-All, Creating objects using Key board entry. Session 3 Selection Region With window\crossing, Select by Name window, Named and Edit selection set, Select by object window, Transforming Objects (Move, Rotate, Uniform &Nonuniform Scaling, using Axis constraints(X,Y,Z), Transform type in Window. Copy, Cloning objects. Session 4 Unit Setup, Hierarchy, Angular snap, Percent Snap, Align tool, Quick Align, Mirror Tool, Array, Spacing tool, Group, Ungroup, Layer Manager. Session 5 Modeling using Parametric Deformers(Modifiers)- Mesh select, Poly select, Patch select, Bend, Taper, Twist, Relax, Skew. Stretch, Mirror. Session 6 Modeling using Parametric Deformers(Modifiers)- Slice, Shell, Displace, Noise, Spherify, Lattice, Ripple, Wave, Affect Region. Squeeze. Session 7 Modeling using Free Form Deformers(Modifiers) - FFD Box, FFD Cylinder. FFD2x2x2, FFD3x3x3, FFD4x4x4. Session 8 Poly Modeling- Convert to editable poly, Edit Poly-Selection, Soft selection, Edit polygons, Edit geometry, Polygon properties, Paint deformation. Session 9 Poly Modeling Session 10 Patch Modeling-Edit patch-Selection, Soft selection, Geometry, Surface properties. Session 11 Importing DWG Files, Plans from Autocad. Creating Plans using Shapes with 2D Snap, Applying Edit spline modifier-Rendering, Interpolation, Selection, Soft selection, Geometry. Session 12 Modeling the building using AEC Extended objects-Wall, Railing, Foliage, Stairs. Doors, Windows. Compound Object-Boolean, Pro-Boolean, Scatter, Connect. Session 13 Extrude, Lathe, Bevelprofile, Bevel, Capholes, Sweep, Path deform(WSM), Patch deform(WSM). Session 14 Compound Object-Loft, Deforming Loft objects-scale, Twist, Teeter, Bevel. ShapeMerge. Importing archicad files, 3d Autocad files, Xref. Session 15 Material editor,Tools in material editors, Shading basic parameters, Extended parameters, Saving Materials. Session 16 Applying Standard, Architectural, Advance lighting override, Multi/sub object materials. Session 17 Assigning 2d maps, Diffuse, Opacity, Raytrace, Bump, Reflection, Refraction. Session 18 Blend, Double sided, Top/Bottom, Shellac materials, Composite. Session 19 Standard Lights- Omni,Target& Free spot, Omni, Target & Free Direct, Sky light- General Parameters,Intensity/color/Attenuation, Advance effects, Shadow parameters, Shadow Map Params. Session 20 Photometric lights, Point, Linear, Area, Target-Point, Linear,Area. IES Sun, IES Sky, mr Sky, mr Sun. Render to Texture. Session 21 Introduction to Particle system - Spray,Super spray. Snow. Space warps-Forces-Path Follow, Wind,Motor, Gravity. Deflectors-UDeflector, Sdeflector. Session 22 Applying Environment effects-Using Helpers-Atmospheric Apparatus-Boxgizmo, Sphere Gizmo, CylGizmo, Fog& Fire. Session 23 Reactors - Water, Reactor Cloth object. Session 24 Introduction to Key frame Animation, Path Animation. Creating Camera& Target camera. How to control the Camera movement in Walk through using curve editor. Session 25 Rendering “ Scanline rendering, Mentalray rendering. Advance Lighting Dialog” Radiosity, Light Tracer, Advance Lighting Override, Exposure Control. Session 26 Merging *.max file and how to render AVI Files, Image files.-JPEG, GIFF, TIFF. Session 27 Video post-Lense effect, Glow effect. Session 28 How to change the duration of the rendered files using video post. Composite Multiple AVI files into a single Avi file. Export File formats-Obj, Iges, 3ds. Session 29 Project