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Unit 1: • What is BIM? How it works for Construction Industry? • Project Delivery Systems Using BIM. • Product Overview and file formats. • Workspace Overview • Opening and Appending Files in Navisworks • Saving, Merging, and Refreshing Files Unit 2: • Using Navigation Tools o Absolute Coordinate Display • The Navisworks Engine o Performance Indicators • Selection Tree and Selecting Objects o View the Selection Tree o Setting Selection Resolution and Sorting Structures • Hiding Objects and Overriding Materials o Change Object Color and Transparency • Object Properties o Add a New Custom Property Tab and Property o Enable and Customize Smart Tags • Measuring and Moving Objects o Using the Measuring Tools o Moving an Item Unit 3: • Selection and Search Sets o Create a Selection Set o Conducting a Property Object Search • Viewpoints o Add and Organize Viewpoints • Comments and Redlining o Adding Redline Markups and a Redline Tag • Sectioning o Sectioning a Model, Section Planes & Section Box Unit 4: • Hyperlinks o Using Hyperlinks o View and Add Hyperlinks • Comparing Models o About the Compare Tool o Compare Two Model Files Unit 5: • TimeLiner Overview o Open and Run a TimeLiner Simulation o Run a Basic TimeLiner Simulation • Creating Tasks o Creating Tasks Manually • Import Tasks from External Project File o Linking to a Project File o Importing Tasks • TimeLiner Simulation o Simulation Control Bar o Using Simulation • Configuring and Defining a Simulation o The Configure Options o Customizing a Simulation • Simulation Export o Exporting a TimeLiner Simulation • Exporting a Simulation Unit 6: • Animator Overview • Creating a Basic Animation • Cameras and Camera Viewpoints • Section Plane Sets • Controlling Animation Scene Playback o About Cameras and Viewpoints o Adding a Camera and Camera Viewpoints o About Section Plane Sets o Adding a Section Plane Set and Captured Sectioned Views o Animator Playback and Adjustments o Adjust the Way an Animation Scene Plays Unit 7: • Presenter Overview o The Presenter Window and Tabbed Panes o Presenter Tabs • Apply Materials to Model Items o The Materials Pane o Apply Materials to Model Items • Adding Lighting Effects to a Scene o About Lighting Effects o Apply a Lighting Effect to a Model • Adding Background Effects o Apply a Background Effect to a Model • Rendering Effects o About Rendering o Select and Apply a Render Style • Outputting Rendered Images o Exporting Rendered Images • Outputting Animations (Videos) o About Outputting Animations o Exporting an Animation Unit 8: • Editing and Managing Materials o Editing Materials o Rename and Manage Materials o To Edit and Save a Material • Advanced Material Editing o Advanced Editing o Creating New Material • Environment Backgrounds and Reflections o About Environment Backgrounds and Reflections o Adding an Environment Background • RPC (Rich Photorealistic Content) o About RPCs o Add an RPC to a Model Unit 9: • Clash Detective Overview o Conducting a Simple Clash Test • Selecting Items to Be Clashed • Clash Test Settings o Selecting Geometry Types o Clash Testing Using the Find and Selection Set Tools • Setting Clash Rules • Clash Results o About Clash Results o Clash Testing, Viewing Results, and Adding Comments • Clash Test Reporting o Report Contents o Clash Testing and Creating a Report • Audit Checks o Conducting Clash Audit Checks o Clash Testing After Clashes are Corrected • Create and Save Batches of Clash Tests o View Batches of Clash Tests o Export and Import Clash Tests o Custom Clash Tests o Setting up Custom Clash Tests o Creating a Custom Clash Test o Time-Based Clashing o Preparation o Conducting a Time Based Clash Test o Create a Time-Based Clash Report • Switchback in Clash Detective o Using Switchback o Using Switchback in Clash Detective


Upon completion of this course the delegates will understand the main features and functionality of the Navisworks. The topics covered include: • Getting started with Navisworks. • Visual project model reviews. • Time Liner - creating construction simulations of project models to check the validity of construction schedules. • Creating interactive animations. • Presenter - basics and advanced features. Learn how to add true-to-life materials, lighting, and backgrounds to project models to create photorealistic output. • Clash Detective How to perform clash and interference tests.