The goal of this SolidWorks training course is to teach the fundamental skills and concepts to build parametric models parts and assemblies and how to make simple drawings of those parts and assemblies. This course is designed around a process-based training approach emphasizing the processes and procedures necessary to complete a particular task. By utilizing case studies to illustrate these processes, you learn the necessary commands, options and menus in the context of completing a design task.

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 Introduction (3 Hrs.)  Sketcher basics (3 Hrs.)  3D sketching (3 Hrs.)  Part modeling (3 Hrs.)  Creating reference geometries (3 Hrs.)  Editing features (3 Hrs.)  Advanced modeling tools (3 Hrs.)  Configuration (3 Hrs.)  Design table/library features (3 Hrs.)  Import/export of file (3 Hrs.)  Surface overview (3 Hrs.)  Bottom-up assembly (3 Hrs.)  Top-down assembly (3 Hrs.)  Exploding assemblies (3 Hrs.)  Simulation/ Detailing (3 Hrs.)  BOM, balloon tools (3 Hrs.)  Sheet metal (3 Hrs.)  PDM Works (3 Hrs.)  Weldment (3 Hrs.)  GD&T (3 Hrs.) Exercise & Evaluation  A work book will be given for the practice  Evaluation will be done based on the completion of the Work book


Increasing the student proficiency in Solid works to design components, products, assemblies, weldment design and generate product documentation. Upon the completion the students can be employed in manufacturing, Automotive & Transport sectors, and Alternate energy sectors After completing this course, Students will be able to  Translate conceptual ideas into product design  Develop spatial skills in the process of creating and viewing parts, assemblies  Familiarize 3D modeling from application perspective while working with a project