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 Introduction and Objectives 1. Reviewing the role of the competent manager 2. Identifying the skills and competencies required by the role 3. Understanding how management has to adapt to culture 4. The new business reality and is impact on managers 5. Building a professional development plan 6. Creating business culture within out team 7. Creating minimum behavioral standards 8. Risk, reward, and motivation  Establishing the Difference Between Management and Leadership 1. Reviewing alternative approaches to management 2. Establishing your own leadership and management style 3. Identifying the impact your leadership and management style has on your team 4. Learning that personality styles and assigning responsibility are linked 5. Understanding the mindset of your staff 6. How to run effective team meetings 7. How to hold performance improvement meeting 8. Time management


– Develop their understanding of the skills and competencies required by the competent manager – Develop an understanding of different approaches to management, including leadership styles – Learn how to manage performance of teams and individuals – Understand how to manage and develop teams – Consider the role of negotiation, influencing and persuasion for the competent manager – Plan your own continuous professional development