Essential Sales Skills


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– Introduction – Traditional Selling vs. Modern selling – Sales Script Model – The Consultative Sales Process – The Consultative Sales Strategy – The Consultative Sales Concept – Selling Strategically - Open Plan Selling Process – Product Knowledge – Handling Objection and Problem Solving – Effective Listening Techniques – Self-Motivation – Questioning Techniques – Building Customer Loyalty


• Identify and adopt the right professional selling behaviors and skills needed to maximize sales performance • Develop critical self-driven practices to optimize personal and business effectiveness and efficiency • Distinguish between different sales methodologies and identify the primary focus for each one of them • Create, implement and support the right sales strategies, goals and objectives through their solid insight into the sales process • Defend the principles of successful negotiations while furthering personal capabilities to handle objections, and to pitch the right value propositions critical for long term business relationships • Use questioning and probing techniques to improve prospecting capabilities throughout the sales process