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 Lesson I : Organization Development Basics – Basic Definition of an Organization – Various Ways to Look at Organizations – Key Concepts in the Design of an Organization – Organizational Culture – Organizational Communication – Organizational Health – Organizational Performance – Life Cycles of Organizations  Lesson II: Organizational Management – Diversity Management – Knowledge Management – Quality Management – Strategic Management – Time Management  Lesson III: Leadership & Teams – Leadership Development – Team building – Succession planning  Lesson IV: Organizational Change Basics & Challenges – What is Organizational Change? – Why is it difficult? – Planning & Managing Change  Lesson V: Major Methods for Organizational Change – Strategic Planning – Cultural Change – Knowledge Management – Balanced Scorecard – Management by Objectives (MBO) – Key Performance Indicators – Benchmarking – Continuous Improvement – General Guidelines  Practical Cases  Seminar Recap


1. Get introduced to the concept of organization development & organizational change, and its importance in the fast growing market and information revolution 2. Understand the basics of organization dimensions, concepts, culture, and health performance. 3. Understand the importance of effective leadership in the organization health and welfare of its clients & employees 4. Using the knowledge gained, be able to contribute to effective change in your organization 5. Gain an understanding of holistic ODCM concepts, techniques and artifacts used during change management efforts 6. Articulate best practices in the structure and execution of a change management program 7. Gain a hands-on perspective in developing a change management approach