Strategic Sales planning


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1. Defining the strategic sales plan and its importance 2. How you can identify your target account 3. Selecting by priority the method of contact 4. Setting sales objectives 5. Establishing trust and rapport 6. Understand the prospect's business to develop your sales strategy 7. Conduct Needs Assessment and Cost/Benefit Analysis 8. Rooting cause problems - missing features that provide the advantages and benefits 9. Identify top motivating benefits for each key decision-maker 10. Advise and get agreement to advance the sale 11. Conduct a Criteria Driven Presentation 12. Implement Account Management and Obtain repeat business


– Qualify Prospect and Understand the Business – Conduct Needs Assessment, Cost/Benefit Analysis and Define Specifications – Identify Logistics to Advance the Sale – Present Value Proposition – Implement Account Management or Recycling Process