Team building


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 Lesson 1 – Introduction – Introduction – Investing in Team work – Team building – Planning – Structure – The common goal – Team goals – Action plan – re: Goals – Assessment of Team Effectiveness  Lesson 2 – Team Management – Establishing Team Rules – SWOT analysis – Building on individual strengths and improving weaknesses – Motivation – Delegation – The individual within the team  Lesson 3 – Communication – Oral, written and visual – Within and out with the Team – Establishing Roles within the team – Class workshop  Lesson 4 – Characteristics of a Team – Awareness of unity – Team Creativity – Team Decisions – Interpersonal team relationship  Lesson 5 – Problem Solving – Methods and techniques – Resolving issues – Course summary and close


– Improve quality of service to other team members – Understand and use various team building techniques – Know the definitions of a team – Understand why teamwork and building are important – Successfully balance between team maintenance and individual needs – Understand the team roles and importance of each part – Understand your role and the dependencies and interdependencies of the team. – Understand the team, the task, the person and the process – Communicate effectively to express opinions – Understand the key areas for building team spirit – Know how your morale effects team performance – Establish the team and customer needs quickly and effectively – Understand the four stages of team building – Work effectively in groups to form a team – Participate together to solve problems – Accept issues in a team’s life cycle – Improve team performance – How to give and receive feedback – Know the difference between achieving and doing – Understand personal priorities may not be team priorities – Understand the three basic types of human behavior associated with team building.