• 7 May، 2019

Al-Kharj Chamber organizes a symposium on localization of jobs

The seminar was attended by Mr. Nayef Al-Balaidh, representative of the Council of Saudi Chambers, who spoke about the role of the Chambers in achieving positive Emiratisation. Mr. Hamad Al-Jasser, representative of the Ministry of Labor, In which he reviewed the employment strategy and some items of his inspiration in the system of work in addition to the decisions issued on the employment rates of Saudis and the shortness of some professions and activities on them, and Mr. Abdullah Al-Qasiri representative of the National Organization for Joint Training speech in which the program of national organization for training As a part of the effective mechanism in achieving the training that ended in employment. Afterwards, Mr. Mohamed El Abssi, representative of Human Resources Development Fund, delivered a speech in which he talked about the programs and mechanisms of support of the Human Resources Development Fund for private sector establishments. Then the attendees started asking questions and interventions. Al-Kharj, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Hadithi, participated in the symposium with memorial shields and thanked them for the effort exerted to make this seminar a success.